Volleyball is one of the most popular games on Manus, and each village or ward generally has teams for men and women. Games are fiercely contested and draw enthusiastic spectators from across the island.  Following the successful 2018 Paladin/Peren Poroman Cup, the Paladin Community Engagement team has been working with the Lorengau Community to take over the management and hosting of the annual competition going forward. This capacity building exercise exemplifies Paladin’s ‘build, operate, transfer’ model and has ensured that the men and women of Manus can continue to aspire to a high level of competition while enjoying the sense of fellowship that participation in sport provides.

Pihi Oval in Ward 5 of Central Lorengau is the venue for the 2019 Pikus Cup in which teams from across Manus are competing for the Men’s and Women’s Championships from March to April 2019. With the preseason games now completed, the whole island is anticipating what will no doubt be an exciting couple of months of volleyball.