Paladin has an established system of internal control policies and procedures ensuring the sustainability of its operations in support of our clients’ needs. We adhere to International Standards Organisation accreditation for Quality, Safety, Health & Environment.

Our solutions are at all times compliant with country specific regulatory and Labour laws whilst also being cognisant of the Voluntary Principles of Human Rights and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Paladin Group’s approach to quality follows several basic principles: strategic planning and leadership, strong focus on the customer, fact-based management, continuous improvement, and involved teamwork and participation.

Our Quality Management philosophy provides the fundamental structure for meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Our ongoing improvement efforts focus on refining processes and controls in order to provide the highest quality service in the industry.

We are committed to maintaining and enhancing our safety performance and systems to ensure safety to our employees and subcontractors remains a constant primary consideration in all approved company activities. Our management philosophy is based on both a proactive and re-active approach

Providing a professional, adaptable and solution focused service that is willing to weather and adapt to the challenges our clients face is our strategy to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Paladin maintains a range of insurance products to protect is directors, shareholders, employees and clients encompassing: Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, Employee Medical & Health Coverage, and Motor Vehicle Accident.