Paladin Group, has called for resources companies to go beyond compliance requirements and forge genuine partnerships with host communities to ensure shared opportunities and rewards.

Speaking at the PNG Industrial and Mining Resources Conference that just concluded in Port Moresby, Paladin said that extractive industries often faced challenges due to a lack of communication and cultural misunderstandings. Paladin has urged industry leaders to align their goals with those of the local community to deliver better project outcomes for all parties involved.

Addressing the gathering of senior figures from the resources industry operating in PNG,  By bringing together the goals of the community and the project leader using services-based providers as cultural brokers, projects can stabilise and provide community outcomes that exceed compliance.

These cultural brokers must be willing to go out into a local community and sit with them in a genuine, culturally respectful way. A compliance mindset of using local communities where mandated can be replaced with an opportunity mindset – can we really transform the future for these people by our presence here? The resources industry needs to challenge itself to make this shift.

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