Paladin is delighted to announce that Managers Melynda Powesau and Bobby Heni have been appointed to Director roles in our organisation. Melynda takes on the title of Director of ECM, Pomwan Paladin and Paladin Solutions while Bobby becomes Director of ECM and Paladin Solutions.

Melynda and Bobby have both been outstanding members of the team, and the appointments reflect our commitment to developing our staff and promoting from within. As part of their preparation to assume the directorships, Melynda and Bobby have completed a director development program conducted by the PNG Institute of Directors and received their certificates on 24 April 2019. We wish them the very best as they assume their new roles and we’re confident that they will continue to be great examples to the rest of our team.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of our staff for their immense contribution to our business.