We welcome the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) decision to unreservedly retract false claims made against Paladin Director Craig Thrupp.

Between 11 February and 19 February, the Australian Financial Review (AFR) ran a series of articles regarding Manus contractor Paladin and its director Craig Thrupp, which made a number of false assertions.

In the retraction published today, the AFR said “On 11 February, the Australian Financial Review ran an article titled “Bad debts and failed contracts across Asia trail Manus contractor Paladin”, which asserted Mr Craig Thrupp was “associated” with High Risk Security, a company which had collapsed in 2010 owing creditors $170,000.  The AFR acknowledges Mr Thrupp was not a Director of High Risk Security, but High Risk Security (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd, a company established a year later which eventually became Paladin Group Pty Ltd.  As Paladin has stated, the two companies had considered pursuing work together, but this did not eventuate and they remain and always have been separate entities”.

The false information contained in the above article and associated articles was highly defamatory and has led to serious reputational damage for our company and Mr Thrupp. We are pleased that the AFR has acknowledged this and will be taking steps to help rectify the situation.

We welcome the AFR’s decision to remove the false article online and from its archives, as well as publishing a correction in print and on its website.

Paladin has been working in Papua New Guinea since 2009 and partners with local PNG communities to support major projects and has been providing security at the East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre since late 2013. Our management team also has extensive experience in successfully running a number of major logistics contracts in difficult environments in various countries for more than a decade.

We have an outstanding record as an ethical provider of security, safety, risk management, community engagement and garrison services with significant expertise in the region and with the local communities of Papua New Guinea and Manus Island.

Paladin values the strong relationships we have built through the development of our community security approach with our local partners and the governments of the countries in which we operate.

Read more about our approach and how we operate.

Read the AFR retraction.



Paladin is a specialist provider of safety and security, risk management and community engagement services in support of projects since 2007, and specifically in Papua New Guinea since 2009. With over 4,500 staff and contractors across the Asia-Pacific region, it has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and has a reputation for delivering to the highest operating standards, regardless of location. Its approach combines best practice global experience with care, empathy, diligence and professionalism.

The Paladin Group includes Black Swan International, Sentinel, Electrical Construction and Management (ECM) and Rentlo Car Hire, companies through which it provides a wide variety of support services throughout the region.

Paladin’s philosophy is based on its 6P Framework:

PEOPLE: We believe people are at the centre of what we do and we value their experience.
PROJECTS: We have successfully delivered on projects across the region.
PLACE: We understand the culture, people and government of the areas we operate.
PARTNERS: We work to develop strong partnerships at all levels for mutual benefit.
PRESENCE: We seek to create a positive, lasting contribution for our projects.
PAST: We value our past experience and carry that knowledge into the present.