The Paladin Group works with communities, governments, large multinational organisations, not-for-profit and private companies across the Asia Pacific delivering essential support services in complex environments.

Paladin has an outstanding track record in the region as an ethical provider of security, safety, risk management, community engagement and garrison services with significant expertise in working in partnership with local communities.

We have a highly qualified board of directors with a depth of experience in delivering complex projects in challenging environments, both in the government as well as private sectors.

We have more than 4,500 employees across the Asia Pacific region and our partnership model is built on the participation, training and mentoring of local staff and landowners to achieve stability and prosperity. We employ a majority local workforce, buy local and ensure we become a valued part of the communities we operate in. Read more about our community projects on our website.

In Papua New Guinea, Paladin is the longest serving contractor operating on Manus Island, and has been delivering services relating to this project since 2013.

Our approach to working in Manus has been to go above and beyond a compliance mindset and adhere to the highest standards when it comes to security, safety and risk management for residents, staff and the community we operate in. 

Paladin is unable to speak to specifics around our Manus Island contract due to the terms of our agreement with the Australian Government and our focus remains on the safety of residents and our staff, ensuring continuity of care and minimising any disruption that may impact on their wellbeing.



Paladin is a specialist provider of safety and security, risk management and community engagement services in support of projects since 2007, and specifically in Papua New Guinea since 2009. With over 4,500 staff and contractors across the Asia-Pacific region, it has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and has a reputation for delivering to the highest operating standards, regardless of location. Its approach combines best practice global experience with care, empathy, diligence and professionalism.

The Paladin Group includes Black Swan International, Sentinel, Electrical Construction and Management (ECM) and Rentlo Car Hire, companies through which it provides a wide variety of support services throughout the region.

Paladin’s philosophy is based on its 6P Framework:

PEOPLE: We believe people are at the centre of what we do and we value their experience.

PROJECTS: We have successfully delivered on projects across the region.

PLACE: We understand the culture, people and government of the areas we operate.

PARTNERS: We work to develop strong partnerships at all levels for mutual benefit.

PRESENCE: We seek to create a positive, lasting contribution for our projects.

PAST: We value our past experience and carry that knowledge into the present.