Dr Shelby Higgs, Presenting the Emergency Response Training Level 1 Certificates

This weekend I had the pleasure of recognising the achievements of 8 senior security staff who completed Emergency Response Training.

In what is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman, it is estimated that less than 10% of responders and security personnel in PNG are female. We discussed in the group the challenges and advantages they possessed as women to help people when they need it most.

It reminded me of why I got into security in the first place. When I meet new people and explain what I do, the first reaction from males is often to remark on my stature and respond something akin to ‘I don’t know if I’d want you protecting me’. Like most people outside the field, they only think of the physical aspect of security and don’t consider that if a situation eventuates into physical conflict, someone has failed to manage risks and deter an escalation to violence. It is our intuition, instinct and empathy that make women well suited to security.

When I first arrived in the country to lead Paladin’s PNG business, I recall thinking that our Board must have a healthy risk appetite or a keen sense of humour. I know now that they have both, but that isn’t why I landed this role. I would not want anyone else protecting the people in my care, and I’m fortunate to have the support of Paladin’s Board who feel the same.

Bikpla tok hamamas igo lo displa tim, em ol narapela kain lain stret. Lukautim yupla na ol narapela.

Blog Author: Dr Shelby Higgs, PNG Services Contract Manager