October saw the greatly anticipated culmination of the 2019 Men’s and Women’s Poroman Cup Soccer tournament. After organizing and running the inaugural 2018 Poroman Cup, this year the Paladin-Peren Community Team have been supporting the Lorengau Chauka Soccer Association’s (LCSA) running of the men’s and women’s tournament as part of our Build Operate and Transfer model.

As a part of its support, Paladin has encouraged LCSA to promote a policy of inclusion and gender equality in the running of this event. Importantly, this initiative dovetails into Paladins’ broader focus of health and education initiatives by promoting physical activity and gender inclusiveness in a fun, competitive and community binding manner.

In contrast to many other parts of PNG, soccer is arguably more popular than rugby league on Manus Island and this year has seen 16 women’s and 16 men’s teams compete. The Community Team has supported LCSA with low level administrative assistance and equipment loans as well as supplying trophies for all teams and t-shirts for the winners and runners up teams. The tournament ran for 4 months from July and, as usual, was interrupted by rain on numerous occasions but was always well attended by spectators.

The finals were spread over two Sundays and, as always, when watching sports played on Manus the level of skill and enthusiasm was impressive making for a great spectacle. This year the men’s tournament was won by Original 6 FC and the women’s tournament was won by Manus Secondary. Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to LCSA on running a successful event for the communities of Lorengau and surrounding areas.

Original 6 Football Club the eventual winners of the Poroman Cup 2019.

Women’s grand final winners Manus Secondary hold up their silverware after showing true grit to take out the Ward 7 women

Captain of the Original 6 Football Club proudly receiving the Poroman Cup for 2019.