Peren and Paladin’s community garden initiative has blossomed on Manus Island, providing hands on agriculture experience to the community and teaching younger generations about the importance of sustainability and creating a greener, healthier future.

At the start of the  initiative, Paladin’s community engagement team worked with a few schools and not-for-profits to plant herbs and vegetables in garden plots, but through word of mouth, this has now grown to include the wider community. Initially the participants faced a few challenges but with a lot of perseverance, hard work and determination, the project now boasts a dedicated shade house and number of garden plots.

Participants visited the Peren Gardening Centre and have gained hands on gardening and agricultural experience including soil sterilisation, germination, transplanting to plots and harvesting crops and are encouraged to work together to share knowledge and experiences.

The Manus community has historically had a strong connection with farming which is at risk of disappearing with younger generations but with a great climate for growing, it is hoped that this initiative will reconnect younger generations with this proud tradition.

This is another great example of our commitment to support and transfer skills and knowledge to the communities in which we serve.