We can help your business to identify, manage and plan for risks in order to create value for stakeholders, owners, employees & customers.

Our enterprise risk management and advisory services have dealt with projects across the entire life-cycle of operations. We have intrinsic understanding of the challenges at each stage and how to manage them.

Paladin’s approach to risk management is in line with international standards and best practices.

Threat / Risk Assessments

We can assist your business to understand how considerations such as the political, community, business & threat have the potential to directly impact your personnel, assets and operations.

Emergency Response Planning

Our advisory services develop effective strategies for crisis preparedness, response and recovery planning, including support capabilities such as exercising threat and risk assessments, medical training, security protection, asset and people tracking, and evacuation.

Business Continuity Planning

Our services involve enterprise-wide planning and prioritisation of business objectives and critical operations that are essential for recovery. Our approach to planning represents a cyclical, process-oriented approach that includes a business impact analysis (BIA), a risk assessment, risk management, and risk monitoring and testing.

Security & Awareness Training

Our experienced and accredited instructors will inform, educate and test your personnel to ensure they know how to react and survive in all manner of hostile and remote environments.

Scenario Based Testing & drills

Our testing strategies are developed to validate the ER & BCP process so that stakeholders have greater confidence in their use and application. Testing is focused on three main elements:

  • Staffing – ability to support business processes, during increased workloads for extended periods of time across multiple sites with loss of key personnel
  • Technology – Includes the data, systems, applications, network, and telecommunications necessary for supporting business activities.
  • Facilities – Encompasses environmental controls, work space recovery, and physical security to ensure continuity of facilities and environmental systems at primary and alternate processing sites.