Coffee Machine Delivered to CBI precinct

Local hard wood window frames

Paladin’s Community Business Initiative (CBI) is another example of the Paladin Build Operate and Transfer model at work. It involves both the initial construction of premises and then the establishment of café, gymnasium and barbershop businesses, with our community partners. The premises will also house second floor office space. Once operational, ownership of the businesses will be transferred to the community for the community to become a business and training precinct.

Considering Manus’ remoteness, this project was always about upcycling wherever possible to create a building that would be functional, durable and unique in design and in doing so become another Paladin legacy. From the beginning the Community team and their Peren Investment maintenance team partners have had to be innovative, combining old containers and other ‘scrap’ materials, with beautiful local timber and Australian construction standards, to build premises that will stand the test of time.

The building is far from finished, with lots more to do. However, since construction started in earnest in July, the results of the team’s hard work and perseverance, are starting to show. The building is starting to attract lots of attention from passerby’s and is sure to continue to do so as work continues… ‘you can almost smell the coffee already’ said Paladin’s Manager – Community Engagement after a recent site visit. Watch this space.

Local hard wood service counter installed into container café