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CBI Opens for Business

The last week of November finally saw the completion of the construction and fit out of the Community Business Initiative (CBI) premises in Lorengau Manus. It had been a race against time for the team to get the job complete but a sustained effort by the Paladin dedicated project tradesman working together with the Peren maintenance team over 5 months combined with a final big push by Paladin to have an additional six expat tradesman on site over the last eight weeks saw the target reached. The Paladin and Peren teams have risen to the challenge of constructing impressive premises built to Australian standards from a combination of containers, beautiful local hardwood and new and upcycled materials depending on what was available. All [...]

December 3rd, 2019|

Paladin Supports Poroman Cup Finals

October saw the greatly anticipated culmination of the 2019 Men’s and Women’s Poroman Cup Soccer tournament. After organizing and running the inaugural 2018 Poroman Cup, this year the Paladin-Peren Community Team have been supporting the Lorengau Chauka Soccer Association’s (LCSA) running of the men’s and women’s tournament as part of our Build Operate and Transfer model. As a part of its support, Paladin has encouraged LCSA to promote a policy of inclusion and gender equality in the running of this event. Importantly, this initiative dovetails into Paladins’ broader focus of health and education initiatives by promoting physical activity and gender inclusiveness in a fun, competitive and community binding manner. In contrast to many other parts of PNG, soccer is arguably more popular than [...]

November 4th, 2019|

Paladin Partner with Buk bilong Pikinini

Buk bilong Pikinini providing reading and educational resources to those who need it. As part of our commitment to supporting the communities where we operate through the transfer of skills and knowledge, Paladin has been supporting various education initiatives. Informed by our experience and research in Manus Province, Paladin recognise the sparsity of educational resources available to children in PNG. Paladin’s latest contribution in this area involves the supply of uniforms to the extremely hardworking and dedicated staff of Buk bilong Pikinini.  Buk bilong Pikinini is an independent charity headquartered in Port Moresby but with operations throughout PNG. It aims to foster a life-long love of reading and learning, increase literacy rates and empower vulnerable children. Buk bilong Pikinini aims to [...]

October 23rd, 2019|

Update – Community Business Initiative Manus Island

Coffee Machine Delivered to CBI precinct Local hard wood window frames Paladin’s Community Business Initiative (CBI) is another example of the Paladin Build Operate and Transfer model at work. It involves both the initial construction of premises and then the establishment of café, gymnasium and barbershop businesses, with our community partners. The premises will also house second floor office space. Once operational, ownership of the businesses will be transferred to the community for the community to become a business and training precinct. Considering Manus’ remoteness, this project was always about upcycling wherever possible to create a building that would be functional, durable and unique in design and in doing so become another Paladin legacy. From the beginning the Community [...]

October 22nd, 2019|

Paladin Solutions Conducting Fire Warden Training in Port Moresby

L-R : Chris Aiga – Section Fire Warden, Shirley Puipui – Communication Officer, Jordana Kawang - Section Fire Warden, Racheal Kamea - Section Fire Warden, Benjamin Dotaona – First Aider, Junior Kisai- Section Fire Warden, Timothy Noma – Section Fire Ward Paladin Solution PNG have this week conducted Fire Warden Training to enhance the safety of our staff across operations in Port Moresby. Training was carried out by Mr Lot from the PNG Fire Service. Post the completion of the course, staff were presented with a certificate to signify the competencies developed from participating in the course. Paladin Group fosters a philosophy of continuous improvement known as the Build, Operate and Transfer model. As part of this philosophy, and working together [...]

September 10th, 2019|

Paladin Group to Develop Local Business Hub in Manus

The Paladin Group is supporting a major development project on Manus Island to widen opportunities for members of the local community to engage in training and employment. Construction work on the new business premises, which will include a café, gymnasium and barbershop, is currently underway in the town centre of Lorengau. The Community Business Initiative, which is being implemented in partnership with Peren Investments, the business arm of the local landowner group, is expected to be completed in October. Manus has limited amenities and this development will provide more jobs and opportunities for the local population and spur on economic growth. This venture is another example of Paladin’s long-term commitment to leaving sustainable legacies for the communities on the Island. Ownership and operation [...]

August 27th, 2019|