Paladin Group offers a diverse range of services to support major projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

Security Management

We offer comprehensive security solutions for our clients to protect people and assets. Our services include security guards and physical asset protection, VIP services, and physical security infrastructure such as CCTV, access control, and intruder detection.

Risk Management

Paladin’s risk management specialists and management systems provide end-to-end solutions to reduce client exposure. Paladin has experience in enterprise, strategic and operation risk across a variety of industries and countries in the Asia-Pacific. With a focus on understanding client risk appetite and risk tolerance levels, our analysts are able to provide real, accurate and practical information for clients to make informed decisions in any environment.

Garrison Support

We provide a full range of garrison support services. With experience working in complex and demanding locations, we can supply a skilled, adaptable, flexible and cost-effective workforce to support your project.

Vehicle Support

Paladin maintains a comprehensive fleet of vehicles to meet a wide range of client needs and travel requirements. Supported by our own workshop, maintenance team and recovery capability, our fully insured fleet delivers reliability and safety.

Remote Supply Chain

With extensive capabilities and networks throughout South East Asia, Paladin provides high-quality logistics support to our clients, often in remote locations or through complex supply chains.

Camp & Facilities Management

Paladin have the capabilities and expertise to provide a range of facilities management services for clients including construction, engineering, power generation, maintenance, mechanical, electrical and other essential life support services.

We employ over 2,800 local nationals across the Asia-Pacific region
where we operate